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Airbourne (Images used thanks to Smac Photography)

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Just thought I would update with my latest project. ‘Hinchinbrook on Display’ will this year be ‘Decorated Boxes – Looking Inside and Outside the Box’. I have decided to paint up some CD racks with a music theme. I am open to suggestions and ideas, comments are always welcome. This is a work in progress, I will try to add progress shots as I go.

I will be having these for sale when finished. I know it is hard to put a price on them when it’s unfinished but if you could give me an idea on  what you would feel comfortable in paying for something like this. It would be greatly appreciated.

 I was thinking of selling them individually, but if someone wanted the three as an art feature I would have a reduced price for the lot. Any feedback would be appreciated, Thank you.

CD Rack in progress (Images used are from Smac Photography)
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Well it has been a while…….

reining Horse

Reining horse in progress......still

Well I haven’t done a lot since my last post as you can see by this sketch it hasn’t gotten very far at all. I will find that bit of spare time one day………..When I don’t fall asleep on the couch again.

Here is the link again to my redbubble site hopefully I have done it correctly this time.


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Hope this works it is suppose to show a slideshow of products for sale

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link to sales site

!! This is a link to my Redbubble site where you can buy reproductions of my work from postcards to framed prints. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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The judges choices are in at the Portrait Awards

Well the Judges have made their choices on what they liked in the Portrait Awards. In the portrait of a child under 10yrs- Julie Kraz came first with an excellent graphite portrait of her daughter, and second prize went to my sketch of my son Brodie.

In the main portrait comp first prize went to David Rowe for a self portrait of himself and his two kids, and second prize went to my sketch of Kit Wallis.

The portraits are on display until the 22nd Oct, there is still the people’s popular choice to be done, so come and visit the gallery and vote for your favourite. The people’s choice will be announced on the night of the Maraka Procession which I think is the 30th Oct.

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The other 2 pics that I am using in the Portrait Awards

The Centurion 1908 - 2010 A well-known pioneering women of the Herbert River District

 Judges choice announced tonight 11th Oct 2010 and ‘The Centurion’ came second

These 2 pics I have already posted previously but thought I might re-show them.

'Brodie' This is a sketch I did of my son when he was 2 years old.Judges choice in the children under 10 section awarded second to 'Brodie'and of Course I have re-included the 'Coach''Coach' This is a sketch I did of my son's Junior Rugby League Coach.

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New sketch

Well I have been to my sons Football presentation night and as a gift to the boys Coach I did a sketch. It felt kind of strange giving Steven this, because I had to take it away again as it is going into the Popular Portrait Awards along with another 2 I have entered.  The Coach was surprised to get it. I hope you like it and remember I do commissions if anyone is interested. Come by the Gallery and vote.

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