The judges choices are in at the Portrait Awards

Well the Judges have made their choices on what they liked in the Portrait Awards. In the portrait of a child under 10yrs- Julie Kraz came first with an excellent graphite portrait of her daughter, and second prize went to my sketch of my son Brodie.

In the main portrait comp first prize went to David Rowe for a self portrait of himself and his two kids, and second prize went to my sketch of Kit Wallis.

The portraits are on display until the 22nd Oct, there is still the people’s popular choice to be done, so come and visit the gallery and vote for your favourite. The people’s choice will be announced on the night of the Maraka Procession which I think is the 30th Oct.


About Donna Macarone - MacArt99

I have sketched basically all my life, animals are my specialty but I have been painting and sketching portraits as well. Four years ago I finally descided to give paint a go. I Still so much to learn, but feel like I am improving with each painting. In the last few years I have been entering some local Art comps and have recieved a couple of awards, which is all good. I have started this Blog site as a way of trying to get my art out there and hope you like it and maybe get some commisions.
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