The other 2 pics that I am using in the Portrait Awards

The Centurion 1908 - 2010 A well-known pioneering women of the Herbert River District

 Judges choice announced tonight 11th Oct 2010 and ‘The Centurion’ came second

These 2 pics I have already posted previously but thought I might re-show them.

'Brodie' This is a sketch I did of my son when he was 2 years old.Judges choice in the children under 10 section awarded second to 'Brodie'and of Course I have re-included the 'Coach''Coach' This is a sketch I did of my son's Junior Rugby League Coach.


About Donna Macarone - MacArt99

I have sketched basically all my life, animals are my specialty but I have been painting and sketching portraits as well. Four years ago I finally descided to give paint a go. I Still so much to learn, but feel like I am improving with each painting. In the last few years I have been entering some local Art comps and have recieved a couple of awards, which is all good. I have started this Blog site as a way of trying to get my art out there and hope you like it and maybe get some commisions.
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